A LIfetime of Misdiagnosis: Triumph over Illness

I almost lost everything…

Diabetes! Heart disease! Arthritis! In modern times, the prevalence of autoimmune diseases has increased dramatically. One in five people in America suffer from an autoimmune disease, and the medical profession is struggling to find a reason. Vitamin D deficiency is believed to be a factor in every major illness plaguing humankind.

Eva Cardoza King shares her painful and enlightening experiences with chronic disease and her search for answers. Throughout her frightening journey, King makes a discovery that has implications for all people, no matter the age, and their health. According to King, vitamin D deficiency may be the root cause for 50-75% of all illnesses.

If you are one of the millions of people suffering a debilitating illness, help may be just around the corner. A Lifetime of Misdiagnosis is the book to set you on a path of recovery and good health far into the future.

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