A-Z of Natural Remedies

ATTENTION: Are YOU Using Medicines and Remedies that Could KILL You?
If You’re Buying Over-the-Counter or Prescription Remedies… the Answer is YES!

ONE Go-To Resource Puts All-Natural Remedies for DOZENS of Common Conditions Right at Your Fingertips!

Natural Ingredients You Already Have in Your Home Can Save You Money… and Even Your Life!

Dear Friend,
How safe are the remedies you’re using for everyday illnesses and conditions?
If you’re like most of us… you don’t think twice about popping a few ibuprofen tablets when you wake up with a headache… or taking a swig of nasty cold medicine when you start coughing and sniffling.
And when you’re dealing with a more serious illness… you trust your doctor when she prescribes medication.
But researchers are increasingly finding that these remedies and medicines – the ones that are supposed to help you restore your health – are actually toxic!
Prescription medications can come with a laundry list of side effects… in some cases, including death!
And over the counter medicines are not much safer (if at all) – many painkillers, for example, can contribute to severe liver damage!
And not only that… over the counter and prescription remedies are insanely expensive! How else do you think drug manufacturers could dump billions of dollars into advertising their products on television, on radio stations, in full-page magazine ads, and online?

But You Don’t Have to Put Your Health (and Your Cash) in the Hands of “Big Pharma!”

Humans were around long before prescription medications and over the counter drugs. And they dealt with the same ailments and conditions we deal with today.
The only difference was… they treated their ailments with safe, natural remedies provided by Mother Nature!
They made use of powerful herbs, flowers, and other ingredients to create potent, effective remedies for a wide range of illnesses and everyday conditions!
Doesn’t that sound better than risking a list of side effects a mile long… and paying premium prices for over the counter and prescription drugs?
Of course it does!
But if you’re like most of us… you probably don’t know where to begin when it comes to natural remedies.
You could get information from some random person’s blog… but there’s no telling how accurate the info is!
You could buy dozens of books, magazines, and videos… but that would cost you a small fortune, and it would take forever to piece the information together!
Or… you could take the simple path:

Introducing: The A-Z of Natural Remedies
Your One-Stop Source for Natural Health!
The A-Z of Natural Remedies provides you with the exact remedies you need to prevent and address dozens of common conditions and illnesses… even if you have never tried natural remedies before!
You’ll get a complete explanation of how the remedies works to treat specific conditions… and the exact recipe for each remedy so there’s no guesswork or worry!
Best of all, the remedies contained in this 102-page, in-depth guide are made from common ingredients… many of which you probably already have in your pantry!

Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Learn in The A-Z of Natural Remedies…

•On Page 19, you’ll discover how simple ingredients in your kitchen can banish acid reflux… almost instantly!
•You’ll learn how two spices and one ingredient that’s already in your refrigerator can stop coughs better than any over the counter syrup! (See Page 32)
•After you read Page 68, you’ll throw away your harsh acne treatments… and start using this natural remedy for clear skin instead!
•You’ll discover which two readily available herbs can banish insomnia in just minutes! (You’ll find everything you need to know on Page 74)
•You’ll get an inexpensive, natural way to erase wrinkles and look years or even decades younger! (See Page 85)
•You’ll learn how to knock out the flu with a soothing beverage made from these natural ingredients! (Page 44 explains it all)
Get Yours Today!

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