Baby Organic Anti-Colic Calm Tea – Baby Tea Soothes Acid Reflux, Newborn Tummy Digestion, Promotes Better Sleep – Calming Herbals For Maximum Results, Safe & Healthy Colic Relief Tea – 20 Pack

Here’s The #1 Pediatrician-Recommended Solution For Colic Relief And All Typical Tummy Problems! Looking for an easy and healthy way to reduce colic and relieve your baby’s stomach problems? Need an organic and fast-acting babies magic tea formula that will help you and your baby sleep better at night?

Introducing The Ultimate Baby Organic Colic Tea For Peaceful Nights! Designed in collaboration with expert pediatricians and veteran moms, our natural formula contains all the necessary herbal ingredients that will soothe and calm your baby’s tummy! Our baby calming tea contains natural chamomile, fennel and cumin, which have been used as colic and indigestion soothers for hundreds of years and now you can offer your little angel nature’s most active and therapeutic ingredients!

As Simple As Brewing A Cup Of Tea! Why rely on chemical-filled drops or tablets, when the most natural and delicious colic calmer is finally available? Used by parents all over the world, this Australia-made baby acid reflux reliever will promote an uninterrupted night’s sleep and help improve your newborn’s sleeping routine!

Want To Impress Everyone At Your Next Baby Shower Party? Surprise new mommy and daddy with our calming and therapeutic anti colic baby tea and help them effectively deal with one of the most common baby problems! Each package includes 20 individual, freshly packed tea bags that will last for almost a month!

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This! No more sleepless nights for you and your infant! Support your baby’s healthy development while giving yourself the chance to wake up more productive and energized every morning!

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Product Features

  • COLIC RELIEF TO HELP YOUR BABY ENJOY A PEACEFUL NIGHT’S SLEEP – Baby suffering from colic or acid reflux are often restless and cannot relax, due to the tummy pain. Now with the Baby Organic Tea natural colic reliever, you can help your little one sleep like an angel!
  • DELICIOUS BABY COLIC RELIEF FOR ALL TUMMY ISSUES – Our tested organic colic reliever formula helps with colic, gas, IBS, constipation, indigestion and acid reflux, which are very common amongst newborns and infants. A must for all moms that want to soothe their colicky babies!
  • ANTI COLIC TEA FOR HAPPY BABIES & HAPPIER PARENTS – This scientifically developed baby colic relief tea will help improve your baby’s sleeping pattern and allow you to enjoy an uninterrupted, full night’s sleep without any worries!
  • NATURE’S MOST SOOTHING INGREDIENTS IN A TEABAG – Tea for baby enriched with organic chamomile, fennel and cumin, our safe and hypoallergenic tea blend is free from alcohol, gluten, toxins and all harmful ingredients! Our best anti colic formula yet and a must have for any caring mom!
  • LET US HELP YOU PLACE A SMILE ON YOUR BABY’S FACE – The Baby Organic Tea premium anti-colic and anti-acid reflux tea will help your baby boy or baby girl sleep better and comes with our unconditional, full refund guarantee! Baby tummy tea that actually works! Help you and your baby rest easier today!

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