Beat Your… Indigestion and Acid Reflux

I’ve been seeing and treating people with indigestion and acid reflux for many years as a family doctor in the UK. I’ve seen the suffering that can result from this condition and the difficulties in treating it effectively and safely. I’ve also noticed that there are certain things that could help sufferers that aren’t explained well by doctors and other carers.

With this in mind I’ve written this book as a summary of the current thinking behind the condition, together with my thoughts on how you can greatly improve your symptoms and lead a better quality of life as a result.

I will also show you one simple thing that I can almost guarantee you are not doing, which will make a big difference to your symptoms and is free of charge without the risk of side effects.

You will also learn about:
the types of food that can cause indigestion and reflux
what foods to avoid and what you could eat more of
how to eat whatever you like without the fear of indigestion
medications that can help your symptoms
herbal remedies that are effective without side effects

The most important thing to remember though is to see your doctor if you have regular indigestion and you:

are over 55 years
have difficulty swallowing
have lost weight without wanting to
have regular vomiting
have blood in your vomit or bowel motions (they may appear black)

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3 Responses to Beat Your… Indigestion and Acid Reflux

  1. M. Jordan says:

    Indigestion and acid reflux This may be a useful book for people who know absolutely nothing about how their body works . It tells you simple ideas to help with your digestion, like chewing your food thoroughly but if you are looking for something that has good research into different causes and treatments this is not for you.It felt like listening to your friendly GP giving sound advice but not really being able to offer a solution. For its price, a useful aid to those who don’t want to be blinded by…

  2. Mark Grey says:

    A great read full of useful information from a doctor able …

  3. Z. Siddiqui says:

    an excellent book!