Bed wedge cushion, memory foam, reflux wedge

Our new range of compact bed wedge cushions are designed to alleviate symptoms of acid reflux, heartburn, respiratory conditions, sinusitis, hiatus hernia and other related problems. When the bed wedge elevates the upper torso, stomach acid is unable to travel towards the esophagus preventing the discomfort of acid reflux. As a multi-functional aid it is superb when used as a leg or knee support. The all new smaller bed wedge cushion support combines compact CM foam with the luxury of a vasco foam layer to create a revolutionary compact but comfortable bed wedge cushion. Additionally to this we have taken an extra step to give you the best experience possible using the ‘egg crate’ design memory foam. The heat sensitive memory moulds around your pressure points creating a tailor made support to help combat your everyday ailments. Our Premium bed wedge cushion comes with a quilted, zip off, cotton feel polyester cover which is designed to add extra comfort when using as a back or leg support. All of our bed wedges are made exclusively by Creating Comfort Ltd with a brand label sewn into every product. Ensure you buy a genuine, branded Creating Comforts bed wedge to guarantee long lasting comfort and support.

Product Features

  • Compact bed wedge size 20″ x 18″ x 11″
  • Highly recommended for sufferers of acid reflux ,gerd and heartburn, also aids in sinus drain problems, snoring, and constricted airways.
  • Constructed from an “Egg Crate” memory layer laminated to a premium grade CM foam providing excellent support, comfort and increased airflow to regulate temperature.
  • Stockinette webbing as standard – aids easier removal & refitting of outer cover & helps reduce friction & therefore can prolong the life of the foam.
  • This wedge is now available in two other versions.

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