Indigestion Relief Ranitidine 75mg 36 Tablets + Diarrhoea Relief Loperamide 2mg 18 Capsules


Indigestion Relief Ranitidine 75mg Tablets provide fast and effective relief from heartburn, indigestion, acid indigestion and hyperacidity.


Loperamide is an antidiarrhoeal (antidiarrheal) medication used to control acute (sudden) diarrhoea it works by slowing the movement of bowel content … Continue reading

The Acid Reflux Recipe Book: 100 Delicious Drinks to Help Prevention and Relief from Acid Reflux, GERD and Heartburn

Just because you have been diagnosed with GERD or acid reflux doesn’t mean that you should stop taking pleasure in the beverages and food you consume. If you think that there will only be bland tea and tasteless greens on your … Continue reading