Elmex professional toothpaste for enamel protection, 75 ml

Highly effective protection against tooth enamel loss.
Acid in foods and drinks can attack the enamel and gradually dissolve, dental degradation (tooth erosion) is the result. Other risk factors include heartburn, reflux or the use of certain medications.
Elmex Enamel Protection Professional toothpaste with its unique micro-protection technology forms a protective layer against acids on the enamel. Amine fluoride additionally protects against tooth decay.
Elmex Dental Protection Professional toothpaste prevents tooth enamel loss, strengthens the enamel, makes teeth more resistant to repeated acid attacks, prevents further degradation of softened enamel when brushing your teeth. Use Elmex Dental Protection Professional toothpaste as part of your daily oral hygiene for effective cleaning and protection.

Product Features

  • PZN-11072327
  • 75 ml of toothpaste.

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