GBDSD Eye Massager Electric Wireless Air Compression Nine Modes Eye Care Stress Headache Relief Black + Golden , black

Eye Massager for Crowd:

Have crow’s feet, black circles, pouch, eye pain, headache;

Trigeminal neuralgia, neurasthenia, insomnia;

Large, middle and primary school students, myopia, farsightedness;

Eye fatigue caused by excessive or prolonged wear of glasses;

Computer operators, accountants, designers, secretaries;

Teachers, drivers, precision instrument workers and other related personnel;

Products using glasses-style shape, comfortable to wear, three kinds of massage intensity adjustment, automatic timing control.

The appearance of stylish, beautiful color, is the students and ladies excellent eye care massage small nurse.

is also a gift of friends fashion gifts and promotional products.

Product Features

  • The overall design of thin and concise, touch switch, convenient, stylish, rechargeable, flexible bandage easy to adjust the size, to adapt to different facial shape.
  • Daily use of eye massager for more than three minutes can effectively alleviate pouch, wrinkles, dark circles, enhance skin elasticity.
  • 40 Neodymium magnetic composition of the microcirculation magnetic field, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue, promote blood circulation, can fully relax the cranial nerves, sleep disorders and insomnia have a good role.
  • 12 Kinds of circulation acupressure massage way, can make eyeball and eye muscle full relaxation, reduce the eye inside pressure, alleviate with eye excessive cause of acid bilges, painful, dry, afraid light and the sight of the symptom such as faintness.
  • Through to the eye knead presses, the rhythm vibration massage, specially improves the eye blood reflux, promotes the eye cell movement, alleviates the eye pressure, enhances the study and the work efficiency.

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