HHBO Medical Anti-Bedsore Turn Over The Auxiliary Care Pad 3D Breathable Mesh Fabric Triangular Body Position Pad – Play a Fixed Role In The Patient’s Body Position

Product Name: breathable anti-bedsore pillow
color: blue
1. Cervical spine pressure and turn over dual pillow
2. cotton jacket, removable washable;
3. Core-specific sponge, long-term pressure does not lose flexibility;<br

Product Features

  • 3D breathable mesh cloth, long bed rest patients prone to bed sores, breathable outer layer to effectively prevent and reduce the symptoms of bed sores;
  • Function: can help the patient body rollover, easy to massage the patient and clean the body;
  • Can help the patient leg lift, improve the leg blood circulation and skeletal force position. (Need 2 with the use);
  • This product is optional accessories. Can be used in any one ordinary household bed, bed, multi-functional care bed;
  • The back of the use of zipper-style removable outer layer, to maintain long-term use of the jacket clean.

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