LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C LIQUID – HIGHEST DOSE 1450 mg per Serving! HIGH STRENGTH Premium Formula – No Intestinal Discomfort – Liposome Encapsulated for Maximum Bioavailability!


Liposomal vitamin C is a technological breakthrough and offers incredible health benefits. The absorption rate of common vitamin C is approximately 20%. The remaining 80% accumulates in the colon often giving unpleasant digestive side effects. Liposomal vitamin C passes through the digestive system and delivers the nutrients directly to the bloodstream. The absorption rate goes up to over 90%. Very effective procedure with astounding results. Vitamin C is one of the most recognized and used antioxidants. It plays crucial role in the health and function of the immune cells, in the production of collagen, it can help with the health of eyes, as it fights cataracts. It improves blood sugar stability, lung function and strengthen blood vessels.


Megadose of vitamin C encapsulated in essential phospholipids using liposomal technology. Tiny dose of NON GMO soy lecithin(only 100mg) is used for encapsulation in combination with vitamin E and bioflavonoids for better effect. With this particular procedure, the absorbency goes up to 99% range.

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Product Features

  • ✔️HIGHEST DOSAGE of VITAMIN C-1450mg per teaspoon! Highest quality and potency vitamin C supplement. Revolutionary method of encapsulation of vitamin C in liposomes provides easy and superior absorption and maximum results. Higher bioavailability potential. Up to 10 times more effective than common vitamin C. 3 sources of vitamin C – ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate , ascorbyl palmitate
  • ✔️HIGHEST ABSORPTION optimized liposomal encapsulated vitamin C. No digestive issues, easy on stomach. 250ml-50 days supply. Anti-inflammatory and free radicals protection. Triggers collagen formation for healthy bones, joints and healthy looking skin, teeth and gums. Newest research proves anti-aging and skin firming properties.
  • ✔️ POWERFUL antioxidant, immune system support and collagen booster. Helps with boosting immune system, fights cold, flu, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases. Prevents and fights chronic fatigue and stress and replenishes energy levels. Vitamin C contributes to a normal nervous system activity, strengthens blood vessels and helps with breakdown of cholesterol.
  • ✔️Suitable for adults, children, vegans, diabetics, pets. Made in Europe. Free of allergens and free of GMO.
  • ✔️ Satisfaction guaranteed. Purchase with confidence!

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