Salveo Memory Foam Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow Bed Wedge

A great bed wedge with a memory foam layer that can help against symptoms of acid reflux, respiratory problems and a whole host of other ailments.
The bed wedge is a great positioning aid which can be used in various ways for different types of support and comfort. It is most classically used flat underneath a pillow to raise and prop the user up in bed, this can help with sufferers with respiratory problems. It can also be used as a back support and raise the user to be sat up straight in bed in an ideal reading/eating position. The memory foam bed wedge can be used at the bottom of the bed either pointing down or upwards to raise and support the legs. This can help with varicose veins, swollen ankles, oedema and phlebitis.

Product Features

  • High quality reflex memory foam for lasting comfort
  • Helps against acid reflux and respiratory problems
  • Can help varicose veins, swollen ankles, oedema and phlebitis
  • 75cm x 60cm x 15cm (approx)
  • Includes 1 replaceable white fleece zip cover

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2 Responses to Salveo Memory Foam Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow Bed Wedge

  1. Rebecca Cuthbertson says:

    and is quite comfortable once you get used to it (it took me …

  2. stampcoverman says:

    Worth Paying More For Comfort Originally, I bought the cheaper, higher, triangular, much firmer, wedge available here on Amazon but it was instantly useless I can’t imagine anybody being able to sleep on that. It made me instantly realise that I needed a thinner wider, wedge. This one is half as thin, wider, longer and so well tapered. It;s wonderful, i can lie down and sleep easy on this. Also, being memory foam it has a high comfort rating.I would also add that I already have an adjustable bed but even with…