Survive Baby Reflux

Does your baby have acid reflux, also known as infant GERD?

If you have a reflux baby, this book is a must.

This books helps mothers and parents of babies with acid reflux identify symptoms, treat them, and cope with the problems relating to them. The book is written by a mother of a reflux baby. She helps advise how to talk to your doctor and how to deal with related problems, such as sleep deprivation and coping with other children in the house.

The book describes:
•Baby reflux symptoms and the difference between ‘ordinary’ and silent reflux.
•How to help your baby sleep and the consequences for the rest of the family.
•How to feed reflux babies to minimise the pain.
•Different treatments and medications and how to talk to your doctor.
•The difference between reflux and baby colic pain.
•How to get your reflux baby into some sort of routine.
•How to recover yourself as your baby improves.

Throughout the book Emilie Warren describes some of the reactions of other people who will be around you. They may be experienced with babies but will not understand infant GERD or reflux. She does this with real empathy and with the sympathy of one mother talking to another.

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