The Acid Reflux Drink Recipe Book

100 Delicious Drinks to Prevent and Provide Relief from Acid Reflux, GERD, and Heartburn

Just because you have been diagnosed with GERD or acid reflux doesn’t mean that you should stop taking pleasure in the beverages and food you consume. If you think that there will only be bland tea and tasteless greens on your table from now on, I’ve got good news for you!

Offering you 100 delicious drink recipes that not only your doctor would approve of, but that are also alkalizing enough to soothe and eventually prevent your heartburn, this book is something your recipe folder craves.
Inside these pages you will find:

• 100 Delicious and Replenishing Acid Reflux Recipes, including:
– Energizing Morning Smoothies
– Before-Meal Juices
– Cold Afternoon Refreshments
– Special-Event Drinks
– Warming & Relieving Teas

• What Heartburn, Acid Reflux and GERD are – how you can recognize your condition, what you can do if it is chronic, what the dangers are, how to best approach it, etc.

• A Plan for Healthifying Your Diet – learning all about the foods that trigger your acid reflux and heartburn and what you need to avoid

• pH Value Explained – including a vegetable and fruit pH value food chart

• Which Foods Can Help You Fight the Acid Reflux

• How to Lower the Symptoms with Drinks – tips for preparing delicious and soothing beverages

• How to Make the Most of the Allowed Ingredients and Prepare Irresistible Drinks that Will Both Please and Ease Your Tummy

Want to see how a satisfied tummy and balanced gut can go hand-in-hand even if heartburn is a common guest? This book has all the answers. Join me on this nourishing ride for a replenished gut and happy taste buds!

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