The Chinese System for Prevention and Cure of Gastritis and Acid Reflux: Foods and Recipes, Gastritis, Acid Reflux

I read your article on gastritis and acid reflux and what you said really hit home. It has helped me immensely and I want to thank you for making my life better. Cathy Champlin

The human body is constantly suffering from some ailment or the other as it survives its’ course of time. And our constant struggle is to somehow endure such ailments and cure them to live for a longer time. This eBook is about dealing with one such area which most people suffer with.
Our daily habits affect our body in a major way. Whether it is what we eat or what we do, it all makes a difference. One major concern people seem to have is solving problems related to gastro-intestinal disorders. And this is what we are going to discuss in detail here. Stomach problems seem to be one of the most common ailments people suffer from. And if they are not treated fast and properly, they could increase in magnitude to bigger problems which are chronic. Such problems have far more painful symptoms and can sometimes lead to a fatal stage as well.
Our approach to understanding this specific topic will be from the viewpoint of the Chinese system of healing. Medicine has evolved over the years in order to be as effective in as short a time as possible. However, recently more and more people are seen to be looking towards cures which were practiced a long time ago rather than choosing modern medicine.
The Chinese system of curing and preventing these gastro-intestinal disorders has been found to be very efficient and helpful. The point of such ancient medicine is that it is a much more holistic and personalized approach in contrast to a more generalized treatment given in recent times.
As you go through this book you will gain a deeper understanding of how Chinese medicine can be used to prevent and cure gastritis and deal with acid reflux foods. As this is the main topic in this eBook, we will also share more recipes to help you get healthier and avoid such problems in future.

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