The Menopause Diet: The natural way to beat your symptoms and lose weight

No women can escape the menopause. Its symptoms often include weight gain, fatigue, hot flushes, mood swings, poor concentration, low libido and joint pain. Research shows that healthy eating, combined with regular exercise and weight management, is one of the best ways of controlling these symptoms.

Based on the latest scientific research, studies of the world’s healthiest women, real life stories and expert advice, Theresa Cheung, co-author of the bestselling The PCOS Diet Book, offers a groundbreaking plan for nutritional self-help.

This practical book explains how to use diet as a powerful self-help tool to:
– Beat symptoms and balance hormones with simple eating plans
– Protect against osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer
– Manage weight naturally
– Boost libido
– Lose weight and slow down the ageing process

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3 Responses to The Menopause Diet: The natural way to beat your symptoms and lose weight

  1. Marthese Caruana says:

    Very useful information.

  2. Cb Smith Ms Harvey says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    What I wanted was a menopause diet book. What I got was a magazine feature giving lifestyle tips for the menopause that had been extended to book length. There were a handful of recipes, but a huge amount of the book was taken up with telling its readers to give up smoking, exercise more, etc. etc. These are just general healthy living tips, and it felt as if the book was being padded out to make up for the small amount of real dietary advice. Some of the advice was also questionable, for…