What is GERD? How to Live GERD FREE! No More Acid Reflux or Heartburn

This is Doctor developed, groundbreaking information that identifies new methods for permanently treating heartburn by understanding the root causes and preventing the problem to start with.

Understanding GERD and how to eliminate it forever. Live GERD Free using natural treatments and popular home remedies. Don’t just treat the symptoms treat the causes of acid reflux and heartburn using Doctor developed treatment options.

You’ll learn about “GERD, Acid Reflux and Heartburn causes and treatments.

In addition to a full description of GERD, Acid Reflux and Heartburn are additional chapters on the following,

* 20 Home remedies for heartburn
* Home remedies for a sore throat
* Understanding and determining acid reflux in Babies
* Symptoms that are similar to that of acid reflux
* Esophageal cancer explained
* Ground breaking techniques for the future
* Fast and natural treatment options
* Easy GERD Free Recipes

You’ll also learn,

* Natural and effective prevention techniques.
* How to identify risk factors & warning signs so you can take charge of your health before other complications arise.
* How to significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms of GERD with natural alternative treatments such as herbs & supplements as well as easy to make lifestyle adjustments.
* Medical interventions: Prescription and non-prescription medications – how they work and their side effects. And if needed, surgical options are also discussed.
* Which foods cause GERD, and which foods are soothing and improve digestion.
*Regardless of the severity of your GERD, this book will guide you on how to live GERD Free.

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